Sherwood, Mary Martha

MARY MARTHA BUTT (1775-1851) was born in Worcestershire, England. Her father was a chaplain to King George III. She was well educated at home and attended the Abby School in Reading. In 1803, she married Captain Henry Sherwood. His regiment was ordered to India in 1805 and they remained 11 years. She established schools for the regiment children and took care of orphans. She wrote hundreds of books, stories, and tracts.

   Mary's younger sister was Lucy Lyttelton Cameron (1781-1858), who wrote many stories under the name Mrs. Cameron. She also attended school in Reading. Her husband was Rev. Charles Cameron. They had twelve children but many died young.

   Mary's youngest daughter was Sophia, who married Dr. R. J. Nicol Streeten, and wrote stories under the names: Miss S. Sherwood, Streeten Butt, Mrs. Streeten, and Mrs. Kelly (from her second husband, Dr. Hubert Kelly). Dr. Streeten was sister Emily's widower. [1]


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